Mission –

Business growth for the startup, early stage business or project. This is the part that is tricky. When we are brought into a project, it is because the project is not achieving the financial or economic goals that are desired. Helping business (startup or early stage) reach its financial and economic goals is our specialty. Bridges helps develop an achievable goal and the steps necessary to reach that goal (or goals).

Audience –

Audience – Mostly high-tech companies, but also non-profit educational groups that need better programs (that are revenue generating and have growth potential).

Bridges to Santa Fe

  • Business growth consultations with management teams during start-up and relocation
  • Leadership services that move an idea or invention into its product or service phase resulting in a business venture.
  • Assistance with sales and marketing plans for both horizontal and vertical scalability
  • Identifying and isolating any barriers to success while confirming the company’s position in its business sectors and its associated market
  • Coaching to create strategic partners during various stages of financing and growth

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About Us

Bridges to Santa Fe provides sales and marketing consultation for high tech and scientific research firms in Santa Fe where website content, conference preparation and sales programs need analysis and improvement. Betsy Ehrenberg, the founder of Bridges, holds several Board positions and assists directly with organization leadership and business redirection. In the non-profit world, Ehrenberg provides leadership with raising annual giving from existing donors, obtaining new patrons and identifying sponsors for revenue generating programs.

Betsy Ehrenberg

General Manager

 Curriculum Vitae


Business Consultations means that we work closely with our clients, technologists and service teams to design, build and deliver innovative growth and expansion solutions that drive higher levels of performance. We build relationships in business, technical and functional areas—but more importantly we know how to motivate staff to apply their skills and talents required to meet your business needs.

When considering a move to a new location it is not only that the organization is relocating, but the employees and their families as well. A location needs to provide a favorable business opportunity, a desirable lifestyle for transplanted employees as well as easy assimilation into that new environment.

Innovation Support at various stages of business development. Working together we will discover opportunities in existing market sectors or build new launch pads. Market diversification may be selected after thorough product understanding and usage. Raising additional capital may be necessary to support business expansion plans and smart growth principles that are scalable and profitable. We validate users’ needs and develop solutions that are truly needed. Implementing new plans often produce multiple revenue streams. There is no charge for our first consultation.

Lunch and Learn allows participants to enjoy their midday meal with business leaders, financial advisers and relocation specialists who describe the City of Santa Fe, its corporate landscape and particular incentives for high-tech research, film production and Customer service centers. Privacy is ensured and free exchange of ideas is promoted without pressures to make on site decisions.

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