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Bridges to Santa Fe: Business growth consults with management teams during start-up and relocation. Leadership services that move an idea or invention into its product or service phase resulting in a business venture. Assistance with sales and marketing plans for both horizontal and vertical scalability. Identifying and isolating any barriers to success while confirming the company's position in its business sectors and its associated market. Coaching to create strategic partners during various stages of financing and growth.

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Bridges to Santa Fe provides sales and marketing consultation for high tech and scientific research firms in Santa Fe where website content, conference preparation and sales programs need analysis and improvement. Betsy Ehrenberg, the founder of Bridges, holds several Board positions and assists directly with organization leadership and business redirection. In the non-profit world, Ehrenberg provides leadership with raising annual giving from existing donors, obtaining new patrons and identifying sponsors for revenue generating programs.

 Curriculum Vitae
Betsy Ehrenberg General Manager